My name is Steve Nyhof, and I have been programming, developing systems and have learned most of the top software products over the past 30 years. Yep, just dated myself, but sense I was 19 years old I had a love for programming, art and design.

As an Internet marketer, I believe it is very important that we learn the skills most company's would hire 5 different people to do. Is this possible? Yes, and necessary if you want to keep your costs to a minimum!

As a website developer, my job is to provide a system and service that exceeds your expectations. Not an easy task sense I have just as many hours as you, and when I am not teaching, setting up someones website, etc., I am further developing the hubOpus systems.

I am going to cover a number of topics, and show you first hand how to design web graphics, brand yourself with images, tips and tricks to edit your website, SEO strategies and much more.

You can hire this stuff out of course, and you might want to at some point, but if you do not learn it first, you will always struggle to achieve and maintain a leadership role. This is easy work; the patients is hard.

My goal here is to focus on teaching you all about hubOpus systems, and for you to master it.


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Join us every Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST

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