Meet the Developers of the hubOpus system

Steve Nyhof & Jeff Lerner

When Google first began their slapping and banning of duplicated content sites in the summer of 2009, Many online marketing company's jumped into action and began teaching their members how to build their own websites. A daunting task!

As a veteran web developer with over 25 years experience and an active marketer, I was in a unique position to take action. While other marketers were beginning to learn the basics of creating unique sites, I set out to develop a system that would make it easy for both myself and my team to create sharp-looking and fully functional sites without any previous web experience.

Around this time, I met Jeff Lerner, one of the Internets top marketers, generating over a million dollars in sales in less than two years. When I presented what I was building to Jeff, he instantly saw the value in what I was creating and offered to consult and assist with both product development and testing.

After nearly 6 months the project was ready for beta-launch. We asked an initial group of marketers from within Jeff's team to participate. Our test focused on ease-of-use, quality of websites created, and "Google-friendliness" of the sites. In other words, how easy was it to set up a site, how good was that site, and how much did the search engines like the site.

The results excited everyone involved. Marketers were reporting major success with building sites quickly and having those sites be well received by the major search engines and other advertising platforms.

Excited by the initial results but feeling there was more to be done, Jeff and I spent another 3 months refining the product, adding functionality, and conducting extensive additional testing, especially within Jeff's own top-tier marketing business.

After over 9 months of development, testing, and successful use by hundreds of marketers, hubOpus is ready for YOU. Jeff and I, and others strongly believe hubOpus to be the premiere system in existence for Internet marketers looking to create their own marketing websites. Try the DEMO Now!

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PS. This website you are viewing is made with the same system available to you. This system was modified to offer trial accounts, and if you are interested in promoting hubOpus, please contact us at jv (a) - must have a list of 10,000 or more subscribers.