hubOpus' Uniqueness

As you navigate through the demo funnels on this system, you will be presented with new themes selected for that page. however, you will never leave this website. This website (you're viewing) was designed by hubOpus, the same system available to you - including everything you see as you navigate around the site. Note: This demo was modified to be a demo, and if you are interested in offering hubOpus websites to your downline, please contact us at jv (a)


Demo Features

There are several features, like the javascript Alert Redirect feature that will not work in the demo because it is a shared system. We have setup the demo so that you could look around and see what this system is all about first hand.

Make sure to test the Demo Funnels on the main site so you have an idea of what hubOpus offers to serious marketers looking to create their own unique sales funnels.


Google PPC Campaign Friendly

To run PPC campaigns on Google, marketers today need their own unique offer because shared affiliate systems found in most training and online marketing platforms will either be slapped with higher prices or banned.

hubOpus along with your unique offer, (ebooks, products or services) allows you to get back into the Google market place where the leaders are finding new and creative ways to use their websites to once again gather the leads and conversions Google has provided in the past.

In fact, this system is one of those unique products; so you most likely found us by clicking on one of our Google PPC adds.


Themes and Images

hubOpus is different than most other systems when it comes to themes and images. While we do include themes, our themes modify the same template structure. You see, most CMS (Content Management Systems) include an array of files, different code, different structure, css files and more stuff... hubOpus only includes a handful of images and a settings.xml file that controls the images and template architecture.

This not only makes it extremely easy to modify, but very easy to build your own themes. You can also upload your own images, over-riding the corresponding theme images - It's amazing and simple technology! As you add new themes, they will show up in the administration area - exactly as you see below.

Select a theme from above. Note there are wider themes with right columns for branding content sites, and then on a per page theme, you can select a capture page. No other system has this simple flexibility to give users the freedom they need to market their offers.

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